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SELF – How a Sleep Divorce Could Make Your Relationship Stronger

This article by  Patia Braithwaite was originally published on Dr. Emily Jamea contributes her insight on the topic of sleeping separate from your partner. To read the full article click here. You’re not alone if the pandemic has unearthed small (or large) relationship irritations. Your partner’s chewing might send you spiraling. Snoring might induce rage. Or, after spending…

Is it possible to have sex the way they do in the movies?

Healthy Women: Can Your Marriage Survive a Pandemic?

Dr. Emily Jamea contributes to the discussion on the stress marriages are currently experiencing . This article was originally published on Healthy Women. Like many married couples, Lisa Jean-Francois and her husband had settled into a routine before COVID-19. Days were spent juggling work and raising two kids, which included shuttling their seven-year-old son to school,…