Daily Mail Online – Sex Expert Reveals the Things She Would Never do in a Relationship

never do in a relationship

A sex expert has revealed the things she would never do in a relationship, including getting married in less than a year and waiting a set number of dates to have sex.

Emily Jamea, 37, of Houston, Texas, says adhering to outdated dating rules and games, and getting lazy in a relationship are sure-fire ways to end a relationship. Emma, who lives with her husband, Sean, 48, a real estate developer, and their two children, said: ‘I would never get married in under a year as you need to time evaluate yourself and the relationship.’

‘I think this especially important for younger couples as they will still be figuring themselves out. Everyone is on their best behaviour in the honeymoon phase, so you need that time see what you want from the relationship. An older couple might be OK but as a general guide it’s good to wait a year before making that commitment.’

The second thing Emily would never do is adhere to ‘outdated dating rules’. She said: ‘It’s also important to not stick to those silly and outdated rules and games there are about dating – such as waiting three dates to have sex or holding off texting someone back. Do what feels right with who you are instead. Games might work in the short term but not if you are after something serious.’

Emily is also big on making sure people don’t get lazy or too comfortable around their partners. ‘My motto is “let yourself age but don’t let yourself go.” I think we can always get lazy and complacent in relationships. Of course, we all have those days where we want to be in our tracksuits but it’s good to still make sure you make an effort. We should care for ourselves mentally and physically. Maintain a genuine curiosity in your partner and be inquisitive.’

Emily says she thinks it’s important to prioritise your romantic relationship with your partner. ‘I still prioritise Sean as we’re our base for our whole family,’ she said.

To read what else Dr. Emily says she would never do in her own relationship, you can read the rest of the article at Dailymail.co.uk.

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