Healthy Women – Good Sex with Emily Jamea: Sex After Celibacy

Good sex

Are you considering getting back in the saddle — or the bed, rather — after it’s been a while? Like, a long while? Has it been so long in fact, that you feel like it’s the first time again? Are you worried about what to do, what to say, and how to feel? Your resident sex therapist is here to help.

People have periods of abstinence for many reasons. Sometimes it’s the result of a conscious act of celibacy. Perhaps you swore off sex and love following a bad divorce. Other people experience a sexual hiatus because of life circumstances. A sexless marriage, the passing of a partner, bad luck dating … all of these can create long dry spells, and when that happens, it can feel daunting to start having sex again.

It’s normal to experience anxiety, and some people feel downright terrified. These feelings are completely understandable. You might feel like a different person today compared to the last time you had sex. Perhaps you feel ill-equipped to express yourself sexually. Maybe you feel like your body has changed and you don’t know how to navigate it anymore. Whatever you fear, it is possible to reclaim your sexuality after a dry spell.

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