Love and Libido
Love and Libido
Sex and Cannabis

I thought there would be no better way to 04/20 than by dedicating a whole episode to the exploration of sex and cannabis. The healing properties of cannabis have been known for centuries, but modern medicine has only recognized its use in more recent years. Today, special product lines are being designed that enhance sexual arousal and even treat sexual pain. Today I’m joined by sex educator and medically certified cannabis consultant Chelsea Cebara to outline everything you need to know about how your favorite flower bud can be strategically used to enhance your sex life.

Chelsea Cebara has been helping humans effectively and mindfully combine sex and cannabis since 2010 as a professional sex educator, product developer, medically-certified cannabis consultant, and founder of Cebara Consulting. She is proud to have developed the world’s first water-based, barrier-compatible THC lubricant, Velvet Swing, and cofounded the Sex & Cannabis Professional Alliance. Ms. Cebara has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and DOPE, was named one of MJ Venture’s “Top 40 under 40” and has been a regularly featured speaker at industry events such as WomenGROW. She lives in Seattle where she advises cannabis businesses at all levels of development and speaks nationally on the intersection of cannabis with sex, kink, and consent culture.

You can learn more about Chelsea on her website and her twitter.

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