Love and Libido
Love and Libido
The Birds and the Bees in 2022

Are you a parent who is dreading the birds and bees talk with your child? Could you use some insight about how kids think about sex in 2022? Want to learn more about why we need to be alarmed by the fact that teens are having less sex than ever before? Then you need to listen to today’s episode.

I’m joined by Dr. Logan Levkoff, an internationally recognized expert on sexuality, parenting, and relationships. In addition to covering these important topics, we also answer subscriber questions (42:00) and share stories about how we taught our own children about sex, including the hilarious things they repeated at school (51:22).

If you have a story about the first conversation you and your parents had about sex, you can submit it at You can either email in your story or you can record your submission, whatever is easier for you. We always give you the option for us to disguise your voice with our fancy editing software, so no worries there if you would like to remain anonymous. Or if you’re loud and proud, and you want to tell us who are as you share your question, that is fine too. We are also collecting story submissions as well. Visit to see what our focus is this month. You can follow me across all the social media channels @dremilyjamea. That’s usually the best place to see what information we are looking for as it relates to topics we are discussing on the show.

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