Psychology Today – The Modern-Day Libido Killer

libido killer

Distracted minds sabotage our ability to focus during sex.

Dr. Emily reports on a common libido killer she sees all too often in her office. Read the full article on Psychology Today.

Adaeze and Mark fidgeted on the sofa across from me in my therapy office. She glanced down at her handbag at the familiar rhythm of her phone vibrating. It was obvious they felt frustrated.

We’d met several times to address the sexual disconnection they’d experienced over the past few years. It was a story I’d heard many times before. They loved each other and had a good relationship with no major problems, but they’d lost the spark they’d once enjoyed.

Like many couples, sex was hot, fun, and effortless in the beginning of the relationship. But over the years, as the demands of work and family took over, Adaeze found it increasingly difficult to get in the mood. When they did have sex, neither felt very satisfied. We’d tried some of the more traditional sex therapy techniques for boosting her libido, but nothing made much of a difference. “No matter what I do, I can’t seem to shut off my mind,” she complained. “There’s always a running to-do list.”

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