Love and Libido
Love and Libido
Fat Sexuality - Busting Myths and Erasing Stigma

Fat is not a dirty word. It’s not a bad word. And it shouldn’t have negative connotations. But unfortunately, it still does. We live in a society that celebrates thin bodies and judges fat ones. But the fact is, everyone, regardless of their body type, is entitled to experience love, connection, and great sex. On this episode, I’m joined by an expert on fat sexuality to challenge myths, breakdown stereotypes, and offer hope to people struggling to accept their big body. Note to smaller people listening, you can learn a thing or two from this episode.

Tamara Pincus is a licensed clinical social worker and AASECT certified sex therapist who runs The Pincus Center which offers individual and relationship therapy, coaching and sex education. She specializes in working with fat, kinky, polyamorous and LGBTQ clients. Tamara has been working in the field of sex therapy since 2011 and since then has built a practice with a team of 10. Tamara is passionate about racial justice, fat justice and LGBTQ rights. She also co-authored a book titled “It’s Called Polyamory: Coming Out About Your Non-Monogamous Relationships” with Rebecca Hiles.

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