Anatomy of Desire

Five Secrets to Create Connection and Cultivate Passion

Combining over fifteen years of clinical experience with her groundbreaking research into the science of flow, Dr. Emily Jamea’s ANATOMY OF DESIRE delivers a fresh perspective on the untapped potential of our sex lives, intimate partner connections, and personal wellbeing.

The experience of effortlessness, total absorption, and loss of space and time are feelings that everyone wants to enjoy while making love. However, regardless of everyone’s desire for better sex, passion and sexual satisfaction tend to diminish in longer-term relationships. This is a problem because studies consistently show that sexual satisfaction is key to relationship satisfaction.

Great sex is something we all deserve.

As a seasoned sex and relationship therapist, Dr. Emily Jamea has developed a unique approach for boosting sexual desire and pleasure. Anatomy of Desire identifies five secrets―sensuality, curiosity, adaptability, vulnerability, and attunement―that help her clients transform sex from sub-par to extraordinary.

Woven through each secret is the science of “flow state.” Drawing from her first-of-its-kind published research, Dr. Emily teaches readers how to apply the science of flow to get the sex they want despite the challenges of today’s modern world. Clients, workshop participants, and hundreds of thousands of social media followers have already benefited from her approach.

Dr. Emily Jamea’s debut book, Anatomy of Desire: Five Secrets to Create Connection and Cultivate Passion makes her novel approach available to everyone.

Rave Reviews and Endorsements

“Dr. Emily gives us a new way of thinking about how to cultivate great sex. She breaks down the latest science in a way that is accessible and meaningful as well as authentic and relatable. She teaches us how personal curiosity and insight weave together with vulnerability and intimacy in a way that ignites sexual passion.” Keke Palmer, American actress and singer

“Dr. Emily Jamea is a master of sexual communication. She seamlessly weaves together scientific data and clinical expertise in an elegant yet accessible way and provides readers with practical tips and takeaways to level-up their intimate lives.” – Justin Lehmiller, PhD, author of Tell Me What You Want and host of the Sex and Psychology Podcast

“Emily Jamea has a thoughtful, clinically assured voice that is sure to appeal to readers far and wide. She makes difficult issues simple and accessible via her central tenet that expressing our authentic sexual selves is not about venturing into the unknown but rather searching within ourselves and tapping into our innate, albeit uncultivated, sexual potential. Everything we need to seize the sexual moment is already within us, waiting to be actualized, and Emily guides us on this journey with care and curiosity” – Ian Kerner, PhD LMFT, NY Times best-selling author of She Comes First

“I was delighted to see that Dr. Emily Jamea has broken new ground with her integration of “flow” science and sexual treatment modalities. Emily possesses a sharp mind, creative ability, warmth, and clinical expertise to move the client or student toward fulfillment of their erotic and sexual wellness potential. She exudes intellect, heart, and compassion with an upbeat flair.” – Patti Britton, Ph.D, Clinical Sexologist, known as the “Mother of Sex Coaching,” Co-Founder of, and a globally recognized leader in sexual wellness.

“Emily Jamea’s new book lets readers know that any couple can have an optimal sexual relationship . . . Everyone reading this book will find hope for their long-term erotic connection.” – Tammy Nelson, PhD, author of Integrative Couples and Sex Therapy, When You’re the One Who Cheats, and other titles related to sex and relationships.

“Emily Jamea is a new, unique voice in the sexology field. Her book moves away from the popular advice about spicing up your sex life and presents a fresh perspective on how to maintain eroticism in long-term relationships. She presents a set of five scientifically validated, personally relevant qualities that are accessible to all readers. Everyone will walk away from this book with clarity and purpose about how to cultivate higher levels of sexual satisfaction and enduring intimacy in their relationships.” – Barry McCarthy, PhD, author of dozens of titles on sex and relationships.

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