Sex After Baby



Do you feel like sex is the last thing on your mind since having a baby? You’re not alone. The postpartum period is tough, and it can seem impossible to find time to connect with your partner emotionally, let alone sexually. Too many couples drift apart after having kids, but you don’t have to become another postpartum statistic. Dr. Emily Jamea, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist (who also happens to be a mom of two) shares professional knowledge and personal experience with parents who are struggling to reconnect after having kids.

The class is broken into five segments: Physical Readiness, Emotional Readiness, Relationship Readiness, Good Sex Logistics, and Expanding Your Definition of Sex.

The content is primarily geared for couples in which one person was pregnant and gave birth, but couples who became parents in other ways will also learn valuable skills. Parents will learn tools for intimate connection through the postpartum period and beyond.

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