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Pain Free Sex for Women



Do you experience pain with sexual penetration? Does your body tense up that you’re unable to enjoy sex? Do you feel anxious every time your partner initiates sex? Have you shut down and disconnected from your partner because you know sex will be painful? Has it taken a toll on your self-esteem? I have over a decade of experience working with women just like you. In fact, I spent two years working in a clinic as part of a multidisciplinary team that treated sexual pain. I understand how difficult this journey is, and I am excited to bring you something new to try and help.

This 5-part meditation series includes two meditations on Sexual Confidence and THREE meditations on Releasing Pelvic Floor Pain so that you can fully enjoy sexual pleasure. Combined, these meditations will teach you the thoughts, emotions, and body sensations that make sex relaxing, pleasurable, and exciting. You’ll leave with 11 clear mantras that you can use at any time to boost your sexual pleasure. I bring specific techniques from my training in hypnosis to make this meditation as effective as possible.

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