10 Common Dating Dealbreakers, Revealed

Dating Dealbreakers

If you’re single and in the dating game, picture your last date for a moment. How did it go? Did you enjoy the person you were with? Did they make you laugh or share in any interesting conversations? If so, great! If not, did you notice any immediate red flags or unsavory behaviors? Were they rude to the server, neglect to ask if you have any siblings or what you do for work, or did they cancel last minute? These can be really annoying traits for anyone to deal with when they’re looking for a partner. For some Bustle readers, they are straight-up dealbreakers.

In the name of science, Bustle surveyed readers on social media to ask what their top dating dealbreakers were — and they delivered. There was a wide range of responses, many of which shared common threads that targeted some pretty unanimous characteristics. These dealbreakers in a relationship or dating scenario were passionately touted as going against social norms, but what does a relationship expert think about them?

According to Dr. Emily Jamea, a licensed marriage and family therapist and AASECT-certified sex therapist, the responses all imply a variety of different things about a potential partner — some of which indicate that you should run, not walk, away. Read on for her expert input on people’s top 10 dating dealbreakers.

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