COSMOPOLITAN – 16 Hands-Free Dildos and Vibrators That’ll Totally Change Up Your Sex Game

16 Hands-Free Dildos and Vibrators That'll Totally Change Up Your Sex Game - Couple holding hands in bed

This just in: Hands-free vibrators and dildos exist, and they’re total game-changers. Okay, this isn’t actually news, but in recent years, sex toy companies have been creating more and more products to help folks with disabilities or limited mobility enjoy fulfilling sex lives—and we love to see it!! Most recently, Bump’n debuted the first disability-driven sex toy, called the Bump’n Joystick (which you can preorder now), and it’s only the latest in a collection of hands-free sex toys that are changing people’s sex lives. Of course, hands-free and wearable sex toys aren’t just for those with disabilities, and IMO, anyone could benefit from investing in one. 

Whether you wanna keep your hands free while masturbating or during sex with a partner, hands-free toys give you that ability to play. After all, sex is best enjoyed when all five senses are engaged—and you probs rely on your hands a lot more than you realize to respond to sexual cues. “Using a hands-free toy during solo play frees up the hands to simultaneously caress other erogenous zones, which has a cumulative effect on sexual pleasure,” says certified sex and relationship therapist Emily Jamea. “In addition to this same benefit in partnered sex, hands-free toys allow couples or groups to simultaneously enjoy intercourse or oral sex while using the hands to hold, stroke, or caress other parts of the body.”

Simply put, hands-free toys can give anyone the ability to stay more involved and focused during a sexual encounter—and they can be fun to use outside of the bedroom, too. As Isabelle Uren, a sexpert at BedBible, points out, “Wearable sex toys also give you the freedom to get yourself off on the go—a great way to spice up a date night or add a little excitement to life’s more mundane tasks!” When shopping for hands-free sex toys, Uren suggests looking for products that are wearable or rideable and making sure the controls are accessible or—better yet—app-enabled. From lay-on vibes and panty vibes to wearable toys and double-sided dildos, here are all the best hands-free sex toys you can buy.

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