Great Day Houston – Answering Your Sex Questions with Dr. Emily Jamea

Good morning everyone, and welcome to Great Day Houston. Warning: today’s show is about an essential human interaction. In fact, without it, human beings wouldn’t even exist. So if it’s so common, why is it so hard to talk about, and why can it be so confusing? It can bring people together or tear them apart. Over history, we can see where it literally started wars or brought peace. On today’s show, we’re addressing your relationship questions.

Our first three guests are all licensed therapists, but they also specialize. Sex therapy. There’s so much more to it than the act itself. You might wanna get young ones out of the room because this hour we wanna give you a chance to ask questions concerning your situation. Is it a lack of intimacy? Is it a sexless marriage? Has there been a case of infidelity? First, let’s meet our therapist and find out why they included sex therapy as part of their practice. Dr. Emily Jamia is the clinical director of REVIVE Therapy & Healing. Dr. Jake Porter is the founder of Daring Ventures Counseling, and Ty David Luman is a licensed psychotherapist with Southwest Psychotherapy Associates.

If you’re interested in reading more from Dr. Emily Jamea, you can visit the PRESS page for more articles written by Jamea about dealing with dating dealbreakers and tips for having mindful sex to improve your relationship.

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