Healthy Women – Good Sex with Emily Jamea: Sex Toys 101

sex toys

Stop for a moment and consider what comes up for you as you think about that word. If you’re like most folks, you probably reminisce about childhood — a time when feelings of curiosity, wonder, and unbridled joy were second nature. How quickly we lose touch with our sense of play as adults.

After all, adults don’t spend much time engaged in play, but it’s essential for learning.

And if play is a critical ingredient for childhood development, why shouldn’t it also be an essential component of relationships? Relationship scientists had the same question. And numerous studies have examined the benefits of play in relationships. Conclusively, they’ve found that couples who play together (think goof around, act silly and crack jokes) have higher degrees of relationship satisfaction, greater intimacy, and more positive emotions overall.

But relationship play shouldn’t be limited to banter while cooking dinner and tickle fights on the sofa. The bedroom, it turns out, is perhaps one of the most exciting places for couples to play.

When it comes to bedroom play, your first thought might role playing — and while there’s plenty to say about that, this column is going to focus on how to play with toys — sex toys, that is. 

People who haven’t used sex toys often feel intimidated by the idea. Many assume there’s something wrong with them or their partner if they “need” a toy. Others feel so overwhelmed with the options that they give up before they even start. But sex toys are nothing to be afraid of. In fact, they can be wildly fun. 

People use sex toys for all kinds of reasons. Some use them because a toy makes it easier to reach orgasm. Others use them as part of role-play or power-play scenarios. Some people use them as part of sensation play, while some folks simply use them to add novelty to an otherwise satisfying sex life. Sex toys can be used in solo play or partnered play. Really, the possibilities are endless. 

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