Houston Public Media – Talking to Your Children About Sex

Sooner or later, every parent must eventually have “The Talk” with their children about where babies come from, but the question of when to have the talk, how to have it, and what has changed about this conversation plagues many parents.

For the full hour, certified sex and relationship therapist Dr. Emily Jamea joins us, along with the founder and director of the online course Birds & Bees, Mary Flo Ridley, and Megan Michelson, to share how parents can best approach this conversation with kids.

Our guests also discuss the importance of teaching children about sex, setting and respecting boundaries between children and family members, and how technology has changed the conversation with new complexities in our world like online pornography, sexting, and sextortion.

*Disclaimer: This show covers adult subject matter that may not be appropriate for all ages. The conversation is frank in nature and it contains sexual themes.

To listen to this episode, you can visit houstonpublicmedia.org.


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