New York Post – Gen Zers are now ‘resetting’ their virginity – but they’re ‘very confiused’ about how that works, docs say

Gen Z is resetting more than their calendars this new year.

Looking forward to a fresh slate in 2024, Bevinn Bey, 25, posted a TikTok video with a curious revelation.

“When my virginity resets in a couple days,” Bey captioned a clip of him lipsyncing to Nicki Minaj’s song “Old Body,” which includes the provocative lyrics: “You ain’t f–ked me, you f–ked the old body.”

Bey had scrolled past a similar video on TikTok and decided to recreate the clip to make his friends roll their eyes and laugh.

But he isn’t really joking: Bey is cosigning her crass statement in an attempt for a serious reset — by reclaiming his long-lost virginity

He is one of many Gen Zers who are redefining virginity and rejecting judgment of their sexual history in a bold way.

The 25-year-old explained to The Post that he’s not ashamed of his past sex life — he just doesn’t really care about it.

“The internet has allowed Gen Z to become more aware and more educated [about sex],” Bey told The Post, claiming that many in his generation have learned that virginity “doesn’t really matter.”

Despite schoolyard rumors of popped cherries and stretched vaginas, “virginity” has no medical or scientific definition.

“This whole concept of virginity is something that Gen Z feels very confused about,” Dr. Emily Jamea, a certified sex and relationship therapist, told The Post.

According to Merriam-Webster, a “virgin” is “a person who has not had sexual intercourse” — meaning penetration must occur. That presumably means Gen Zers are eternal virgins if they enjoy sex without it, which can be an odd parameter to ponder — especially true for members of the growing LGBTQ+ community.

“Virginity really is a construct,” Jamea explained. “It is not something that you can test for, so the argument is if virginity is a construct, someone can decide whether or not they are one.

As some Gen Zers are deciding what actually is and isn’t sex, others simply don’t think their sexual history matters, including the pop singer Lil Nas X, who publicized his sentiments to his 7.8 million X followers at the beginning of the new year.

On Jan. 1, the sexed-up 24-year-old musician tweeted: “It’s 2024 meaning all of our body counts have reset to zero.”

And although presumably a joke, the idea struck a chord with some.

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