The Daily Mail – Never neglect sex and don’t ‘schlep around in sweatpants every day’: Relationship therapist reveals five key things EVERY couple should AVOID if they want their romance to last

A sex and relationship therapist has revealed five things every couple should avoid to ensure their romance lasts, including never neglecting sex and avoiding tying the knot until after ‘at least a year’ of dating.  Dr. Emily Jamea, a self-proclaimed ‘expert in love and libido’ from Houston, Texas, shared some advice on how couples can keep…


The Independent – The Internet has Made it Almost Impossible to get Away with Cheating – But Famous Men Don’t Seem to Care

In the past two weeks, famous men everywhere – that is, if you consider the lead singer of Maroon 5 and one-fourth of The Try Guys as famous – have been exposed for allegedly cheating on their wives. Adam Levine and Ned Fulmer were otherwise known for being obsessed with their spouses. Since his wedding to model Behati…