Love & Libido Podcast

Dr. Emily Jamea, a leading expert on sex and relationships, takes listeners on a journey into the complexities of love, libido, and everything in between. Her podcast educates and inspires through interviews with other experts both in the United States and around the world.

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Fat Sexuality – Busting Myths and Erasing Stigma

Fat is not a dirty word. It’s not a bad word. And it shouldn’t have negative connotations. But unfortunately, it still does. We live in a society that celebrates thin bodies and judges fat ones. But the fact is, everyone, regardless of their body type, is entitled to experience love, connection, and great sex. On […]

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Love and Libido – Trauma & Sex

Are you someone whose past sexual trauma is preventing you from enjoying sex at your full capacity? Do you even know what your full capacity is or have you like so many people accepted mediocre sex as your norm? Today, we’re going to talk about how reclaiming, reconnecting, and rediscovering vital parts of yourself can […]

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Sexually In-Sync: New Research on Erotic Attunement

Do you long for a sense of effortlessness, harmony, and synchronicity when you make love to your partner? Do you want to experience a sense of unity and surrender to the moment? Then you need to listen to today’s episode. The feelings I just described can only happen when you and your partner are highly attuned. Being attuned means that your bodies sync up with each other. Your breathing and heart rates move in unison, which – the latest research shows – massively amplifies sexual pleasure and satisfaction. I am fortunate to be joined by sexual attunement expert, Dr. Bridget...

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The Impact of Social Media on Relationships

Social media has completely changed the landscape of relationships. It gives couples a lot of gray area to consider when thinking about what constitutes as cheating or even little boundary violations. How does social media affect relationships? Can it offer any benefit? How do you talk to your partner about boundaries regarding social media use? We are going to chat about all of that and more in today’s episode. I’m joined by my friend and colleague, Dr. Rachel Needle. Dr. Needle is a Licensed Psychologist and Certified Sex Therapist in private practice as well as an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at...

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Six Ingredients for Lasting Love

Have you ever wondered what the secrets are to long-term love and attraction? Well, we have some interesting new research that sheds light on what the happiest couples already know. Get your pen and paper ready because whether you’re dating or partnered, you’re about to learn the key ingredients for lasting intimacy. I’m joined once again by Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh, who conducted the research I mentioned and compiled it for us in her new book, Love by Design: 6 Ingredients to Build a Lifetime of Love. Dr. Sara is a Social Psychologist who specializes in Sexuality, Relationships, and Intercultural fluency. Her commitment...

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