Gay Couple Lying in Grass - rapid ejaculation

Rapid Ejaculation



Do you struggle to maintain control over your ejaculation? Did come too quickly once and feel so anxious about it happening again, that now it does? Do you, like so many men, feel pressure to last and last? Has your partner’s negative reaction to your quick ejaculation added to your level of stress? Has it taken a toll on your self-esteem? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, this meditation is for you.

This 4-part meditation series includes two meditations on Sexual Confidence and two meditations designed to help you gain control over your ejaculation. Combined, they will teach you the skill set you need to more fully enjoy sex. You’ll leave with 9 clear mantras that you can use at any time to boost your sexual pleasure. I bring specific techniques from my training in hypnosis to make this meditation as effective as possible.

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