TODAY Parents: Preparing to Give Birth During Quarantine

TODAY Parents

My Journey as Both a Mother and a Therapist

I was not one of those people who felt the birth of a child was an experience that should be shared only between my husband and I (not that there is anything wrong with that—it’s just not me). I’ve always had an “it takes a village” mentality, and I happily invited my whole village to the occasion. My husband, mom, sister, and mother-in-law were all present during the delivery itself, and the rest of the family flooded in as soon as my medical team green-lighted them to join us. I am very close with both my own family and my in-laws, and they’ve shared in just about every important moment since my daughter joined this world.

Of course that all came to an abrupt halt in March of this year when we, like the rest of the world, were ordered to stay home.

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